Daily Cruise in Ionian Sea


Cape Gerakas- Peluso Islet- Keri

One of the most wonderful cruises is on the south coast of the island, to complete the coastline of Zakynthos with the caves of Keri and the small bays in the western side. Zakynthos tours take place frequently all through summer, particularly in high season.

The passengers are embarking in the yacht from the port of Kyllini or Zakynthos at 9:00 a.m. Upon arrival at Cape Gerakas, we approach as close as we are allowed to, to the islet of Peluso where the sea turtle's Caretta- Caretta Park is.

south zakynthos 01

Then we are cruising slowly through the famous bay of Laganas, where we get the chance to admire and photograph the Caretta-Caretta a rare species of Mediterranean Sea Turtle that comes to Zakynthos to lay its eggs, swimming below us. We provide snorkeling equipment which will make your time in the water a joy!

The small island of Marathonisi is our next stop, surrounded by clear blue water and scenic beaches and finally Keri where we can see and discover them by getting inside the wonderful caves.

south zakynthos 02

At 17:30 p.m. we are arriving at the port of Kyllini.

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