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Daily Cruise in the Ionian Sea


Ship Wreck- Blue Caves

Want to book a private tour in Zakynthos? This is the right place. Have a look on the lovely Zakynthos sightseeing tours and excursions that we suggest. The most popular among all Zakynthos tours is certainly the boat trip to the Shipwreck (Navagio) Beach and the Blue Caves. These are two wonderful spots on the island, famous all over the world for their natural beauty.

The cruise starts at 09:00 a.m. from the port of Kyllini or Zakynthos. Our first stop will be the Blue Caves located on the north coast of the island; the wild white rocky landscape together with the calm crystal clear blue water of the sea creates a contrast that leaves you speechless.

north zakynthos 01

north zakynthos 02

We are anchoring very close to the caves, so that the visitor can enjoy the view, touch and swim inside the caves. Our cruise will offer you the freedom to reach places that are completely inaccessible by road.

Next stop is the famous Shipwreck or Navagio, one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. Take pleasure from the magnificent crystal water, the unique cave with the dazzling colors and the white sand.

north zakynthos 03

Around 14:30 p.m. we will visit an authentic traditional fishing village called Agios Nikolaos and have lunch at a Greek tavern. Off we go to the place called “Small Island” near Agios Nikolaos where passengers can enjoy their last swim. We return at 17:30 to our base admiring the sunset in Ionio.

Ionio Cruises is a Greek yacht chartering company born from passion for the sea and deeply committed to its guests. With over 20 years of presence in the Greek seas, offices and bases in Athens and the Ionian Sea, we can assist in yacht charters all over Greece and throughout Mediterranean Sea.